10 Ways to Take Care of Laptop to Be Durable and Not Damaged Quickly

Take Care of Laptop

Nowadays, taking care of laptops properly and correctly needs to be done so that your favorite laptop is durable and doesn’t get damaged quickly. Unfortunately, not a few people are negligent with the condition of their laptop, and end up damaged. Therefore, How to Take Care of Laptop is made so that your laptop is durable and does not get damaged quickly.

Although both are electronic devices with smartphones that we use, however, how to take care of laptop requires its own way. Of course, this cannot be separated from feeling satisfied because the items we use are clean and smooth.

Why You Should Find Ways to Take Care of Laptop

The name is electronic, of course it must be treated in such a way so that nothing happens in the future. Even in new conditions, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the laptop we use will always be fine.

Although not one hundred percent guarantee the health of your laptop, but we are quite sure that the right way to take care of laptop can extend its service life. Simply put, laptop maintenance can reduce unexpected costs later on.

Curious right? Well, check out these methods below!

1. Avoid Playing Games Intensely

Why You Should Find Ways to Take Care of Laptop

We understand very well that playing games is a natural thing, especially if what you have belongs to the gaming category. However, it must be underlined that laptops are not designed to be lauched for a long time for gaming like computers.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if the game you play is just Minecraft, Plant VS Zombies, or Zuma. However, it is different if what you play is Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy, or even God of War which has been released on Steam.

Even if you are in an air- conditioned room or have a cooling pad added, you must pay attention to how to take care of your laptop.

2. Pay Attention to Laptop Temperature

Pay Attention to Laptop Temperature

The next way to take care of your laptop is to always pay attention to the temperature of the laptop. There are so many factors that affect laptop temperature, including room temperature and additional cooling systems that can be a solution.

The temperature of a laptop that is too hot will result in throttling, which means holding performance by the laptop so that it is not damaged by heat. To be able to monitor the temperature from a laptop, you can use the help of the HWINfo application or something like that which you can try here.

3. Always Use a Laptop Cooler

Take Care of your Laptop

There are so many names for laptop coolers, ranging from cooling pads, laptop fans, to perhaps the most odd thing the author finds is ‘cooling machine’. Believe it or not, but how to take care of your laptop that you can apply is to use a laptop cooler.

Besides being able to lower the temperature of your favorite laptop, the presence of this laptop cooler is really needed because it is able to enter cold air circulation into the laptop. Even if you only use a laptop stand even if it’s without a fan, the air circulation is certainly much better.

4. Delete Rarely Used Apps

Delete Rarely Used Apps

The needs of each individual for the application can certainly be different. The next way to take care of laptop that you can practice is to delete applications that are rarely used.

The number of applications installed may slow down the overall system boot time. Where this problem will be closely related to the background process which of course consumes a portion of the available RAM.

So, delete applications that are rarely used.

5. Delete Junk Files

Delete Junk Files from laptop

In our opinion, this is how to take care of a laptop which is easy to do. The presence of this junk file must be removed because it can hamper the overall performance of the laptop.

No need to bother installing applications, because we can delete these junk files easily. Follow the method below so you don’t get confused,

  1. Press the Windows icon, then type ‘%temp%‘ without the quotes, then press Enter
  2. Select all existing files with the CTRL+A combination, then delete them with Shift+Del
  3. Done

Easy isn’t it? Relax, this method is completely safe because it only deletes temporary files that are no longer used by your laptop, see also Top 10 Best Junk Cleaning Applications for PC and Laptop

6. Clean the Laptop Properly

Take Care of Laptop

In addition to how to take care of your laptop above, the next way you can apply is to clean the laptop properly and wholeheartedly.

Starting from the screen, body, keyboard, and maybe the inside can make your favorite laptop durable and not easily damaged. In our opinion, this is one of the most difficult ways to take care of laptop because not everyone cares about their daily friends in their activities.

Even if it’s an office laptop, it’s a shame there are still many people who are quite neglectful of cleaning it because it’s not private ownership.

In fact, cleaning your laptop properly allows you to avoid something unexpected in the future,

7. Keep away your laptop from food and drink

Keep away your laptop from food and drink

No, the laptop is not jealous because you eat or drink in front of it. What we mean by How to Take Care of this Laptop is to avoid unwanted things. Starting from the fall of food crumbs, or liquid from drinks which if piled up will cause problems later on.

So, as much as possible to keep the laptop away from food and drink because it can cause various unwanted things. If you really like snacking, at least use a keyboard protector on your laptop.

8. Don’t Use on the Mattress

how to take care of your laptop

Another way to take care of a laptop so that it is durable and doesn’t get damaged quickly is not to use it on a mattress. This is because the air circulation inside the laptop will be blocked by blankets, bolsters, or pillows because they will heat up quickly.

See Also:

Although some people feel more ‘comfortable’ (literally), but make no mistake because this can actually be a double-edged sword. So, it’s as comfortable as using a laptop on a mattress, it’s better to allocate energy to do everything on a table or a flat place.

9. Avoid Piling Heavy Objects on the Laptop

how to take care of a laptop

In our opinion, this is a ‘phenomenon’ that we find quite often. Where is the person so busy, forgets where he put his favorite laptop, until where he finds it under a pile of things and files.

Although it looks trivial, but as much as possible avoid it because it can damage the laptop body and screen. This is how to take care of a laptop which is easy,

10. Caring for Laptop Batteries

How to take care of laptop so that it is durable and does not get damaged quickly will certainly be closely related to battery care. This is because the battery on a laptop is a vital component, which includes rapid degradation.

Because if it gets damaged, like it or not, we have to use a laptop with electricity, making our favorite laptop less portable.

Even though it degrades quickly, it doesn’t hurt to apply the filling and usage time within a certain time span.

Not for promotion or flexing, including an application called Lenovo Vantage which allows the author’s laptop to always be plugged into a power source without fear of bloating the battery ( Conservation Mode )

This is because the battery position will always be in the range of 55-60%, and minimize unwanted events.

Caring for Laptop Batteries

Those are some ways to take care of a laptop to make it durable and not damaged quickly that you can try and apply. Instead of having to buy a new one after using it for a long time, isn’t it better to prevent than cure,

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