how to unmute someone on instagram

how to unmute someone on instagram

Tutorial to remove the Mute status from an Instagram user or story

Here’s how to unmute someone on Instagram, the popular social network for sharing photos, videos, stories, and more. The Mute option is a very useful tool for those users who want to avoid publications by certain users without having to stop following or block them,

so the silenced user will not know that they have been ignored. But we can also find ourselves in the situation of removing the Mute someone status, either because we regret having silenced them or because we want to see their publications again. Be that as it may, thanks to our tutorial you will learn tostop muting both Instagram users and their posts.

How to unmute someone on Instagram

Thus, if you want to stop omitting certain users or their publications such as stories, follow the following steps in each situation.

How to unmute Instagram stories

If you muted a user’s story, simply tap the muted story again and select Unmute Story.

How to unmute Instagram posts  and stories

 In the event that you have muted both posts and stories from a specific Instagram user, you can also unmute that specific profile. To do this, you just have to look for the profile of the muted user , click on Following and then the option Mute . Now you can deactivate posts or stories according to which you want to unmute.

How to unmute Instagram direct messages

Likewise, if we also mute direct messages from certain users on Instagram, it is also possible to unmute direct messages. To do this, you just have to click on the icon of the paper plane and write the name of the silenced user in the search bar. When the contact is displayed, click on it and then click on the circular icon with an exclamation point inside. A window will open with the options Mute messages and Mute video chats; now toggle the switch for the option you want to unmute.

How to know who you have muted on Instagram

how to unmute someone on instagram

There are two peculiarities that reveal silenced users on Instagram: he first aspect that reveals if a user is muted on Instagram is that the avatar of said profile appears gray and half off.

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The second aspect that reveals whether a user is silenced on Instagram can be verified through the following route: Settings – Privacy – Silenced accounts. You will visualize the list of accounts if they are silenced and silenced stories and publications or only the stories.

It is also possible to view the entire list of users silenced on Instagram through the following steps:

  1. Access your Instagram profile.
  2. Head to Settings .
  3. Access the Privacy option .
  4. Go to the Connections section .
  5. Now click on Silenced Accounts .
  6. You will see the entire list of muted users; click on the user you want to unmute.
  7. You will access their profile and you will see the Following icon .
  8. Click on Mute .
  9. A pop-up panel will appear; click on Stories to deactivate the Mute status of all aspects of that user on Instagram.

See This Video How To Unmute And Mute Someone On Instagram 

How to Mute Someone on Instagram

From the Instagram app for iPhone or Android, navigate to the profile of the person or page that you want to mute.

Here, tap the “Following” button found near the top of the profile.

How to Mute Someone on Instagram

From the menu that appears, tap the “Mute” button.

how to unmute someone on instagram

Now, tap on the toggle next to “Posts” and “Stories.” You won’t see their posts on your feed and their Instagram Stories will be hidden by default.

tap on the toggle next to “Posts” and “Stories

If you only want to mute someone’s Stories, you can tap and hold their profile icon from the Instagram Stories row at the top of the mobile app to open a menu.

how to unmute someone on instagram How to Mute Someone on Instagram...

From here, tap the “Mute” button. Their Stories will be muted and hidden instantly.

how to unmute someone on instagram How to Mute Someone on Instagram...

If you want to mute someone when you come across their post on your feed, tap the three-dot Menu button found near the top of the image.

Tap on Mute from stories menu

Here, you can choose the “Mute” option from the menu.

Tap on Mute button from menu

Now, if you only want to mute their posts, select the “Mute Posts” option. If you want to mute both their posts and Stories, select the “Mute Posts And Story” option.

How to Mute Someone on Instagram

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