how to get someones Instagram deleted? Complete guide 2023

Have you been impersonated on the networks? Do you think an account is breaking the law? Has someone close to you passed away and you don’t want their uploaded photos to continue? Don’t worry: today we’ll explain how to get someones Instagram deleted.

On Instagram, we share everything: what we eat, who we party with, where we spent our vacations, and much more. Like everything, it has good and bad things. And today it’s our turn to talk about a somewhat more negative part.

Not everything is rosy. Sometimes, we come across accounts that try to impersonate our identity to deceive other people or hurt us. Everything has a solution.

Why delete an Instagram account that is not yours?

There is no doubt that those who make use of social networks need to reinforce their security and integrity since there are currently many mechanisms of abuse, fraud, and harassment associated with them.

Reporting fake accounts or profiles with abusive and inappropriate content – whether or not they are impersonating someone – helps to create a safer platform for the thousands of users who access it.

Many people have had the experience of having their photos shared by third parties posing as them. This can have very negative consequences, such as the creation of false rumors about the person, a decrease in followers, and even the use of their name for criminal purposes.

Every day, cybercriminals seek to take over other people’s accounts to ask for money or favors of any kind by making use of their identity. Although it may seem difficult to achieve, cases of identity theft are reported every day around the world.

The reasons why this happens can be varied. It could simply be that someone is envious of a user (and their profile) and wants to damage their reputation or use it for different purposes. The best thing to do in this situation is to have the account closed so that they can no longer upload stolen photos or confuse other people.

However, it is important to keep in mind that thousands of new profiles are opened every day and the process can be a bit slow. However, if this happens to you, sooner or later you will be taken care of, as the platform takes the security issues of its users seriously.

The only problem is the huge flow of daily complaints, so you will have to be patient.

how to get someones Instagram deleted

Many people think that to close an account that is not theirs they can simply hack the Instagram account and follow the steps outlined in the post. However, this is not legal or ethical. Hacking into someone else’s credentials on their networks, emails or devices is a criminal offense.

But all is not lost. What you have to do to close an IG account that is not yours is to report the account. After a while, if it is proven that the account violates rules or is impersonating your identity, the platform will proceed to the definitive closure of the account. Let’s start with the basics:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to check their followers. One recommendation is to follow them and ask them to help denounce the account. In these cases, the help of other users is decisive. All you have to do is write to them saying that it is a fake profile or that it shares abusive content.
  2. You can also turn to your account’s followers, especially if you have a lot of them. Share a story tagging the fake profile or make a screenshot and ask everyone to report it. This way, the process can be very quick and other users are alerted that the profile is being (and maybe again) a victim of content and/or identity plagiarism.

Report the Instagram account for deletion

After performing the above actions, you must also report the profile. You have to do this on a fake account. The problem is that many times identity thieves block the people they have plagiarized to make it more difficult to trace them.

However, the report can be made by a friend of yours or you can ask your followers for the favor. It is done in the following way:

  1. When you get to the fake profile, you have to look in the options (which appear in the three dots on the left side) block and report.
  2. When you select “Report”, Instagram will offer you two options: it’s spam or it’s inappropriate.
  3. If you hit “It’s inappropriate“, the app will ask you if you want to report a post, a message, a comment, or the entire account.
  4. If you hit “Report the account,” you’ll have three options: a) Posts content that shouldn’t be on Instagram. b) Impersonates someone else. c) May be under 14.
  5. Check the “Impersonating someone else” option.
  6. Follow the steps to the end.
  7. The best thing to do is to seek support from the other accounts. Just ask them to perform the same process.

Then you just have to wait. When making the complaint, the Instagram algorithm will begin to check the fake account and compare its content with similar content, the dates of profile creation, and the publication of images.

How many complaints it takes to shut down an Instagram account?

How many complaints does it take to delete an Instagram account that is not mine? It is worth mentioning that even if the number of complaints is significant, Instagram will not block the account, as there are several factors that the algorithm analyzes.

To delete a third party’s Instagram account, the social network directly verifies whether the identity is being impersonated, or stolen, or if someone else’s content is being published. If you really are a victim of impersonation, the chances that the account will be blocked are high.

The number of reports will be determined by the number of followers, the frequency of publications, and the interaction with other users. It is not the same 10 reports for an account with 1000 followers than for one with 20,000 or more followers.

Another determining factor is whether the account is being used to incite hatred, share sensitive content, or any other action that violates the rules of the social network. In these cases, the response can be much quicker and result in a permanent block. Violations, among many others, can be:

  • Excessive or bloody violence.
  • Pornographic nudity.
  • Incitement to hatred or defamation.
  • Harassment at school and at work.
  • Racism.
  • Threats.
  • Content that reveals private information of third parties.
  • Identity theft.
  • Content that violates copyrights.
  • Spam.

How to get someone else’s Instagram account closed if they are deceased

Another reason why you may want to delete another person’s Instagram account (or other social networks) is because unfortunately, this third person has passed away. In this case, there are two options:

  • Have the account converted to a memorial account.
  • If you are an immediate family member, delete the account permanently.

Let’s see the steps to follow for each of these options:

Convert an Instagram account to a memorial account

A memorial account is a way to honor and remember the person who has passed away. Once IG converts the account to this mode, no one can access it and nothing can be changed: no profile, no followers, no photos, etc. The message “In memoriam” will appear next to the username.

To request this conversion, you need to contact Instagram. You would have to provide a death certificate along with an obituary, an obituary note, or some document that ratifies the sad death. With this information, IG will study the case and let you know if the account has been converted into a memorial account.

Deleting a deceased person’s Instagram account

To delete the account of a deceased person you need to be a direct relative. In such hard moments, it is natural not to want to have pictures of the loved one on social networks.

If this is your case, you will need to fill out an Instagram form requesting the deletion of the account and provide a document that identifies you as an immediate family member, as well as the birth and death certificate of your loved one. Once IG receives the documentation, it will study the case and let you know the resolution of the case.

Frequently asked questions about deleting someone else’s Instagram account

What happens if I report someone on Instagram?

If you have seen any photo, post, or account that violates Instagram’s rules or is plagiarism, you have the option to report the post, the account, or both.
To report a publication or a profile, you have to go to where the three dots appear (on the corresponding screen) and follow the instructions that Instagram marks you when making a report.
We have told you the reasons why you can report in one of the previous points. This information becomes a report that IG studies to decide what to do with the account.

What happens if I report someone on Instagram?

If you have seen any photo, post, or account that violates Instagram’s rules or is plagiarism, you have the option to report the post, the account, or both.
To report a publication or a profile, you have to go to where the three dots appear (on the corresponding screen) and follow the instructions that Instagram marks you when making a report.
We have told you the reasons why you can report in one of the previous points. This information becomes a report that IG studies to decide what to do with the account.

Does Instagram automatically delete an inactive account?

To delete an inactive account Instagram uses its algorithm. It takes into account the times of access to the profile, the frequency of publication, and interaction with other users, among other aspects. So, the answer to the question is YES. It removes them automatically but takes into account certain factors.

How long does Instagram take to delete an inactive account?

IG has never provided official data as to how long its algorithm takes to delete an inactive account, but accounts that have been without activity (of any kind) for more than a year are usually deleted.

How to delete an Instagram account created using my email?

If you have been attacked by a hacker or a friend has tried to play a joke on you by creating an account with your email, the solution is very simple: when logging in, check the option I don’t remember my password.
You will receive an email with a link for you to verify that it is yours and change the password. Once you do so, you will be able to log in to the IG account created without your consent and delete it directly.

How many reports does it take to Delete an Instagram account?

The exact number of reports needed to Delete an Instagram account does not exist, as just one report may do the trick. However, if an account receives a lot of mass reports, Instagram will prioritize it for review and closure.
Now that you know how to report an Instagram account to have it deleted, don’t hesitate to do it in case you have the slightest indication that someone else’s account has been impersonated and/or used for criminal purposes. Let’s make Instagram a safe and criminal-free site together!

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