How to get sponge in Minecraft || and how to use them

How to get sponges in Minecraft and how to use them
The creators of Minecraft are really something else, right? The amount of thought that has gone into creating a game of such magnitude is staggering. Minecraft is really unique based on the resources it has. One of those unique resources is Sponges. These are soft blocks that do exactly what they do in real life. However, they are a bit difficult to obtain in the game. Follow the steps and instructions in this guide to know how to get sponge in Minecraft.

How to get sponge in Minecraft

How to get sponges in Minecraft and how to use them
Sponges are found in the monuments of the ocean. in the game. In ocean monuments, there are 2 methods in which sponges can be found. However, before that, you will have to do a bit of exploring to find these underwater ocean monuments. These monuments are found in the seas and they also have hostile enemies around them.

The first method of obtaining sponges is to find the Sponge Room in the monument. These rooms can sometimes have up to 30 sponge units. They usually have an opening in the bottom of the ocean monument. Each of the 36 columns in the room has a 33% chance of being empty, a 50% chance of having one sponge, and a 17% chance of having two sponges.

the The second method is to cultivate sponges kill an elderly guardian. These are found inside the monuments and have a guaranteed drop of a sponge. This is preferred as finding the sponge room can be a bit of a chore.

One helpful tip to follow is to wear night vision goggles so that you can see clearly. Also, the sponges you get with these 2 methods will be wet sponges. You can turn a wet sponge into a dry sponge by taking it to the Lower World or drying them in an oven. A dry sponge can absorb 65 blocks of water when placed in a body of water. A damp sponge can be reused by drying it.
This is all you need to know how to get sponge in Minecraft. You can even learn how to find a Nether Fortress which is another difficult place to find or learn about the Day-Night Cycle.
how to make a sponge in minecraft

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