New Shtiylsh PUBG & BGMI Names For Boys & Girls

Cool PUBG Names For Boys & Girls
We provide recommendations for the best unused cool PUBG Nicknames or names , now for those of you who are looking for a name for a PUBG account, of course it's right to come here, because we will provide the latest update on the PUBG Mobile Nickname.

If we talk about the most popular mobile battle royale game on the mobile platform, the answer is definitely Free Fire, although this fact is difficult for some people to accept. Then, in terms of quality, what is the best mobile battle royale game in the current era? The answer falls to the Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Mobile game or PUBG Mobile for short.

PUBG Mobile which was released by Tencent attracted the attention of many people around 2018. This is because the success of the PUBG game on the PC gaming scene has soared because the features in the game are interesting.
Realistic graphics and can be played with friends are some of the interesting parts of the game. One more interesting thing about this game, there is no fantasy, there are only bullets flying from all directions

Based on the experience of several players who have plunged into the battlefield thousands of times, surely they have a unique experience when reading kill and knock notifications. This unique experience is obtained from the unique names of the players in it. Let's discuss more about the PUBG Mobile game account name in the review below.

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Review Game PUBG Mobile

Pubg mobile names
PUBG Mobile was released on Android and iOS platforms a few years ago with a name that immediately exploded. How not, this game has been waiting for its presence at that time because the game on the PC had entered the ranks of the most played games by gamers, Youtubers, and Twitch streamers.

The battle royale game on PUBG Mobile is not like the PC game, the average game each round only lasts about 30 or 40 minutes. Of course this period is not long for a smartphone so this time is effective and not too time consuming for players.

This round can be played in free time such as school breaks, work breaks at the office, or at night when all activities are over. Well, that's when you can play the Battlegorund game called PUBG Mobile.

Popular Names of PUBG Mobile Players

You as PUBG Mobile players are definitely familiar with the following names:

  • Morph No Mercy
  • BTR Ryzen
  • Kenboo
  • Motta Goddess
  • Lea (Liona)
  • Mute
  • Alice
  • Lynne

They are professional PUBG Mobile players on the National and International levels. Those of you who often play PUBG must often hear the name BTR. The name BTR itself is the name of the top Esports team that is the umbrella for Luxxy, Zuxxy, Ryzen, and many other big names.

Because BTR is so famous, many players also use the BTR name at the beginning of their name to make opponents flinch or just be cool. With a good name, of course the game will also be fun, right? Therefore, if you want to change your name or want to create a new account with a new name, you must use an attractive name.

The Best Coolest and Best PUBG Mobile Name Recommendations

The identity of a PUBG Mobile player is in their account name. PUBG Mobile provides an account name change feature so that if you want to change an existing name, you can easily do it.
Because PUBG Mobile is mostly played by teenagers and above, it's no wonder this game has a few kids in it. And because of that, the right name for this PUBG Mobile game is a name that does not contain elements of a child or alay.

Here are some recommendations for names that you can use on your PUBG Mobile account:

List of Cool Boys PUBG Names Today

  1. Pillar
  2. Guardian
  3. Angelo
  4. Maniac
  5. Speaker
  6. Bass Slayer
  7. Microtrans
  8. P2P
  9. F2P
  10. Troops
  11. Army
  12. Loot Master
  13. ZeroKillChicken

The Latest Cool and Unique PUBG Name List

  1. DinnerWithMe
  2. SteakDinner
  3. False God
  4. Saint Demon
  5. Devilboi
  6. StayWithMe
  7. Towards the Peak
  8. Grinding Terosss
  9. BTR
  10. ONIC
  11. EVOS
  12. Nineball
  13. ArmOfSteel
  14. TankerWalker
  15. ProHealer
  16. ProM4
  17. Victory Royale
  18. Squad Hunt
  19. Major League
  20. Katana
  21. Samurai
  22. Bombing Gaming
  23. Smoke Boom

List of Funny But Meaningful PUBG Aesthetic Names

  1. Parachute Slide
  2. Wind Surfing
  3. Baskara
  4. Clones
  5. Pungli Loot
  6. Dark Knight
  7. Draco
  8. Marvel
  9. Maxwell
  10. Patternity
  11. Mature Content
  12. Yutuber Cilik
  13. Tourney Journey
  14. Dot Plot
  15. Cutbleed
  16. Eye of Sun
  17. Moontrunks
  18. Dare Cycle
  19. Tupi Zone
  20. Prayer Blessing
  21. Pabji Jago
  22. Mass
  23. Have an umbrella
  24. Turkish Stand
  25. Metatronic
  26. Hugobrothers
  27. Maxima Goro
  28. Erangelers
  29. Vladimir Weekends
  30. Kazuma Kim
  31. GeludGuys
  32. MartinLow
  33. TooSoonBro
  34. TikiTakaTukul

Cool PUBG Names 2021 For Girls Beautiful Girls

  1. BeautyCall
  2. Huntress
  3. LadyGogo
  4. Mine.N.Urs
  5. LovelyDeath
  6. Fightoverme
  7. Hayukmabar
  8. Cupukaka
  9. Cupcake
  10. Paracute
  11. PayungRindu
  12. Kazuha
  13. Himawari
  14. Reconicomic
  15. Niiniichanchan
  16. PotatoHeart
  17. AcneFighters
  18. BrownSugars
  19. Boba> Thaitea
  20. NoBFNoWorry
  21. MultipleKillAssist
  22. ProPlayerGirl
  23. Golfitsist
  24. Marianacrust
  25. Urcrush
  26. NoMoneyNoHoney
  27. CometAttack
  28. SilentMouth
  29. Sniper Wolf
  30. Irumi Kagaya
  31. Aizawa Tama

Cool English PUBG Name List Unused Really Cool

  1. Tamagotchu
  2. MamaBeeHive
  3. monster lady
  4. MakiraJun
  5. TomoyaAsaka
  6. HardianaMari
  7. HellNoAgain
  8. ReactMe
  9. AimlessBullet
  10. SupportingNurse
  11. PastaTuna
  12. BoobaMilkyNight
  13. InsecureTerosss
  14. ManiacManly
  15. Assistancing
  16. XiaoChan
  17. SakuraVibes
  18. NoBebanBebanClub
  19. Let’sGoKuy
  20. MissKuya
  21. Kakuragiroti
  22. JualLoveBird
  23. KarungAlGani
  24. JustInBieber
  25. MotherGoddess
  26. TrumpetPet
  27. KoalaMancingDesu
  28. TruMintNoDebat
  29. KillllllJoyyyyy
  30. SageWithoutN
  31. TypingError
  32. BrotherIniDM
  33. WoeKuota
  34. ridecarry
  35. LoadOutandSquad
  36. MasihMencoba
  37. TryingToAce
  38. CaptainRelationship

The Latest Cool Aesthetic PUBG Universal Name 2021

  1. Insignia
  2. Raven
  3. Windows
  4. Alcro
  5. Acrobatic
  6. Manamanamana
  7. Kukurukuy
  8. Keroro Gun So?
  9. Porororororo
  10. RoronoaJojo
  11. Concrete brick
  12. Household
  13. NoParentNoCry
  14. MonthlyRanked
  15. SeeSawSoon
  16. AngelUrip
  17. IntimacyTeen
  18. TeenTitanic
  19. EsPenghancurTitanic
  20. M4ManaGan
  21. UrMomIsMyGF
  22. Whosurdaddy
  23. Aezakmi
  24. BusetBroLucuBangetLu
  25. Discord
  26. Twittard
  27. IG=>@urmom
  28. DoggyGurl
  29. KattyPray
  30. MoveAsidePlease
  31. MyChickenIsReady
  32. ChickenCity
  33. MonkeyProGun
  34. ShotgunShogun
  35. HPGemingElitis
  36. ToysHaram
  37. Bullet Fight
  38. TukerNoWA
  39. The Messiah
  40. KouWasHere
  41. SadakoJariah
  42. MasihKecilBang
  43. KomachiMochi
  44. MataneMatane
  45. SilokRebus
  46. French FriesMcGregor
  47. TraumaRanked
  48. Keep It UpDieEarly
  49. TimBebanAjg
  50. 55555
  51. Troyayaki
  52. DinoKesono
  53. Maliabarata
  54. AkuDiamAkuCandi
  55. AkuImutAkuDiam
  56. AssemblyChickenIndonesia
  57. RegentMiramar
  58. ErangelKokAngel?
  59. FormerBoys
  60. carefulsamavikendi
  61. RealMadrid
  62. BinocularKar98
  63. TragediEsBalon
  64. LeleSangkuriang
  65. Rabbit Pickpocket
  66. BegalBridge
  67. RoofLeakMak
  68. MakJojoHomeMak
  69. HmmBauHutang
  70. PmemeHandal
  71. Goofy
  72. Mengchicken
  73. Yahahahahampirchicken
  74. KudanilRebahan
  75. RewardingWarding
  76. SkincareAirGalon
  77. August
  78. KiriKanan Punchline
  79. FunnyMeme
  80. MobaKokAnalog
  81. RokokKertasSidu
  82. TurNerakaYuk
  83. ShotsEatSaur
  84. MalingLoot
  85. SmokeCriminal
  86. TenZ.Mobile
  87. HumanAim
  88. Dot.Eyes
  89. ShroudProud
  90. Ziko.Mobile
  91. Xiaomi team
  92. FridayLite
  93. PenistaBubur
  94. CaturDewaMatahari
  95. MataMataIluminati
  96. LariAdaWibu
  97. VictimHipoVikendi
  98. HayoMauApa?
  99. LaggyPhone
  100. Assassin's Creed
  101. CrocodileKampung

List of Cool PUBG Nicknames with Unique Japanese Symbols

  • shᎥᏁᎥᎶᎪmᎥ
  • ™ᴅ ɪ ᴀ ʙ ʟ ᴏ㋚✞
  • Tk°¹¹Hexazor Gns
  • Washi books
  • Polonoi
  • xsz•Aʏᴇɴ
  • Xhizora
  • Yatogami Tohka
  • ʕ • ᴥ • ʔняф
  • Yuki〒
  • Paroiitrms
  • Cat-chan: 3
  • yuki
  • El Primo 228
  • Anime
  • I love watching anime
  • SA
  • King-Salan New Clan
  • Cute like Sakura
  • Carrot ⋺ Shinobi ⋲ #Sun
  • Danganronpa
  • Ne | sazuke
  • PUBG Name List Cool But Funny Gokil and Really Funny
  • EmakLuGaming
  • ᴇɴᴀᴋɢᴜᴀᴋɪʟ࿐
  • Game overツ
  • GOBLOK Lu!
  • gнσѕткιℓℓєя
  • HantuPochinki
  • IkanHiuMakanTomat
  • TargetBot
  • ImSorryYeah
  • IniNicknameYa
  • IriBilangBos༃
  • IriBilangBos
  • Momma
  • ChampionsPUBG
  • JuaraganErangel
  • K A N G N Y A M P A H
  • Grandpa Sugiono
  • Grandpa Sugiono
  • Fartsphlegm
  • Kok Matisih ツ
  • Kokratabosku
  • KokMatiBang?
  • Lu youtuber ya⛱
  • M a t i•L i k e ツ
  • Lucky strike
  • M a t i⭐L i k e ꭹꭺ
  • Mati•selesai
  • 3
  • Mati • selese
  • MissQueeN
  • paijoTheLegend
  • P E N C A R I B O T
  • CommitteeLOBBY
  • S a b u n • B o l o n g √π
  • Pecintal o b y ツ
  • S a n a • T i d u r😴

PUBG Name List Cool Symbols That Haven't Been Used At All

  • ꧁༒☬RANA☬༒꧂
  • ●♤■ŤËŘĂ BĀÄP■♤●
  • ꧁༺ ₱∪𝔹Ǥ༻꧂
  • ◥꧁ ད PRince tsu ARion ཌ ꧂◤
  • ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一★彡
  • ༄ᶦᶰᵈ᭄✿Maafina࿐
  • ★ B / \ ĐB ○ Y 彡 ★
  • [ᴅᴇᴀᴅ ᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ] 彡 ★ ╾━╤ De
  • ♛JØKÊR♛
  • "JBR" • ᴾᴿᴱᴹᴬᴺ
  • ༒★SPËÇTÊR★༒
  • ♛ᴿᴼᵞᴬᴸ꧁BHAU꧂™
  • ༒ Garuda 彡 sniper ༒
  • S ㄚ What B
  • ⚚Mr.J0k3R♱
  • ιи ¢ яє∂ιвℓє ~ AKKI ™
  • 𒆜么ᵀh͠ᴱ ᴸᴬs͠ᵀ ᴴᴱᴿᴼ米𒆜
  • Meevil
  • A ruler
  • 🌼𝕙𝕩𝕟𝕖𝕪𝕓𝕖𝕖.🐝
  • What ChampioN What GhosT Township
  • Torr
  • 『King』£ 亗
  • Nsc] • √ € sDaw € tπ
  • ☆ Cucu bet men ¹²³

Suggestions for Giving a Good Name for PUBG Games

Before deciding on a new name for your account, it's a good idea to pay attention to the following:
Use a simple but meaningful name. Not all unique and funny names are remembered by players, serious names will also be remembered by others if the name is phenomenal.

Don't use silly names. The alay names in question are names that are usually used by children and contain symbols that are not clear. This is because PUBG Mobile players mostly come from quite mature circles.
Upgrade skills. What competitive game players have to do, of course, is not change the account name to be scary, but increase the ability to play so that when other people see your account name, the opponent will immediately tremble.

How to Change Nickname on PUBG Mobile Account

PUBG Mobile gives every player the right to change their account name easily. However, it takes an item or an item called a Rename Card. How to get a Rename Card is as follows:

  • Enter the PUBG Mobile game
  • Go to the "Shop" section
  • In the Property menu, look for the Rename Card item
  • Make transactions by paying 180 Unknown Cash

Keep in mind, players must have a Rename Card before renaming. The Rename Card itself has a price of 180 Unknown Cas. If you don't have Unknown Cash, then you can't buy it.

But don't worry, Unknown Cash is a Diamond from the PUBG Mobile game and can be obtained through Top Up at your nearest outlet that provides it.

If you already have a Rename Card, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Inventory
  • Find Your Rename Card
  • Select "Use" or "Use It"
  • Change the name to what you want

How to Get a Free Rename Card

Rename Cards in the PUBG Mobile game can be obtained without having to pay with Top Up. The trick is to take part in the PUBG Mobile event which is held every season and every other special time.

At these events, players will be presented with various attractive prizes ranging from weapon skins, character costumes, vehicle skins, to this Rename Card.
Don't miss the interesting opportunity from the events offered because when the event is no longer valid, the quests and rewards provided will no longer be accessible. So, stay tuned for events organized by PUBG Mobile!

Capabilities Are More Important Than The Name Of PUBG

The ability of the player is very influential on the course of the game. In fact, even Pro Players or professional players are remembered not because the names used are unique or cool, but because their names soar when the player scores a proud achievement.

Therefore, continue to hone your ability to aim at your opponent and set the best possible strategy so that your name can be one of the names that other PUBG Mobile players remember.

That's a review of the best names to use on a PUBG Mobile account. By using a good name, other players will easily remember your name. If you get to the professional level.

It's better to use a simple name so that fans can easily remember your PUBG account name and can search easily on Instagram and Youtube. Hopefully the article is useful for all of us. Good luck!

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