Facebook Instagram & whatsapp Down

Users in networks report fall of Facebook whatsaap and Instagram? Facebook down Instagram down whatsapp down

Facebook down - Instagram down

It's not your Internet And your Social media accounts Problem : both platforms have errors this Thursday.

This Thursday afternoon, the fall of Facebook was registered again , but this time users cannot access Instagram either .

With the hashtag #FacebookDown , Users became a trend on Twitter that Facebook does not allow them to enter the application or the page.

Facebook Down | Instagram Down

Why did Facebook go down?

When trying to enter Facebook from its website, users found a legend that explains that "something went wrong."

"We are working to fix this as soon as we can," adds the Facebook message.

However, so far the reason for the fall of Facebook and Instagram this Thursday, April 8, is unknown . But the memes could not be absent and some even pointed out that the platforms were victims of the Puebla bike path!

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